Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tigers love pepper...They HATE cinnamon!

I'm feeling a little scattered tonight, so I'm going to share my thoughts on a few different topics: blue pens, free-for-all seating, and pressure ulcers.

1. Blue pens: Actually, I like any pen that is not black. If you are writing on a page that has something printed on it, more often than not, it is in black ink. If you use a black pen, it just blends in with the background. Call me penist (racist, but for pens), but personally, I like to be able to have my nice penmanship stand out off of the page. I really do like blue pens best though. Especially blue pens that have a really rich royal blue color. My favorite type of pen is actually a felt-tipped marker made by papermate. They are pretty much The markers come in a wide variety of colors and really tickle my fancy when I am getting ready to write something important. Stuff like lists, thank-you notes, cards, writing in my planner, etc. If a blue pen is available and someone hands me a black pen, I will usually ask for a blue pen. I know, it sounds kind of weird, but hey...what you see is what you get.

2.Free-for-all seating: I'm talking about Southwest Airlines. While I understand the premise of it...I do not like it, AT ALL. If I am sitting on a flight and am assigned to sit next to someone that is fine, but when you are sitting in a row by yourself on an empty flight and you are one of the last people on board AND there are about 5 row completely empty and someone chooses to sit next to you= ANNOYING. I'm sorry lady, I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to sit near you, and I definitely don't want to pretend that I'm interested in your lame ass stories. This sounds super harsh...but the only 2 times I actually want to talk to someone on a flight is if a) I know them or  b) they are super duper fly (AKA hot). Free-for-all seating needs to be eliminated...I'd rather take my chances being assigned a seat next to a hot man.

3. Have you ever wondered about pressure ulcers, or bed sores? What if I did not perform pressure relief, even though I am perfectly able. I've been sitting on my couch in the same position for about 10 minutes and I'm starting to get a tingling sensation on my sacrum. I've been contemplating not moving just to see what happens. It is actually starting to hurt a little bit. Okay, so I moved because it was starting to be unbearable. Do we really move enough in our sleep to not get pressure sores? Sometimes I fall asleep or pass out in one position and wake up in the same spot. How come I do not have pressure sores from that? Here is a picture of a pressure ulcer:
And this one is not even a bad one. (courtesy of google images)

One more thing...I added Geovany Soto (the Chicago Cubs catcher) as a friend on facebook. He is super duper fly. I would love to sit next to him on a flight. I'm not even sure if I added the right person as my friend being that I had a couple of options to choose from. We'll see if he adds me...keep your fingers crossed :)


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