Saturday, May 22, 2010

Under my um--berella...Ay, ay, ay...My um--berella.

Not really sure why I'm so tired...went to run some errands and suddenly started feeling horrible. I came home and fell asleep for like 5 hours (and that is after I slept 7 hours last night with a 2 hour nap earlier in the day).

Now that I'm awake...what shall I ramble about? Commercials, pretzels, and umbrellas. BTW, I coming to you from a new computer, one that I don't know how to use.

I hate commercials, unless they are hilarious. But how many commercials are actually funny? I could probably count only a few (the Staples commercials "WOW, That's a low price!" the OLD Spice commercials "Look at me, look at your man, now back at me." or skittles commercials "singing rabbit"). I would much rather watch a show on tv for 21 minutes straight than watch a show for 30 minutes with commercials.

Have you ever seen a gold pretzel shaped pendant on a necklace? It looks interesting. I might wear something like that, but where would you buy it? I'm watching a Sex in the City marathon on TBS, Carrie was wearing the pretzel. I don't really like pretzels that much in real life though. They just really make my mouth super dry. I do however like the Rold Gold Honey Wheat twists dipped in Nutella. Unfortunately, the Nutella is counterintuitive to eating pretzels (i.e. trying to eat a healthy snacked but dipping it into a vat of fat).

I was sitting at a baseball game in the pouring rain the other day; it was freezing probably secondary to being soaking wet underneath my shitty umbrella. It would have been big enough for me alone, but I was sharing it with someone and they didn't have an umbrella. Anyway, the reason I am discussing this is because there was a guy there a few rows ahead of me who kept singing Rihanna's "Umbrella" over and over again. Wasn't that song from like 4 years ago? I mean, give me a time was bad enough, but he probably "sung" it about 7 times. douche. Again, back to Sex in the City--Carrie was carrying a gigantar clear plastic umbrella. Now that is exactly what I need, or a golf umbrella. This is completely unrelated (well probably not completely unrelated, but unrelated to umbrellas), Carrie always wears a "Carrie" gold necklace...I want that necklace in my name. I just really like it, kind of trashly looking, but cute.

Sorry its been awhile since my last post...busy busy. Hopefully, it will be a quicker turn around this time.


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  1. i swear on my life that there is some nutritious value to nutella...