Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time is on my side...yes it is (No it's not...)

How much time is 15 minutes, anyway? Today, I called a patient's assisted living home to schedule an initial visit and the caregiver told me I could only come between 9 and 11 tomorrow. I told her I had another appointment scheduled at 10 across town and asked if I could come at 8:45 instead. OF COURSE, she said "Oh no!!! 8:45 too early!!! How 'bout next week?"

Really??!? is 15 minutes earlier THAT much time?   ...Yep, didn't think so.

In other news, I'm back on facebook---woo  hoo (sense the excitement) Trying to win an ipad. I'm pretty sure that NOTHING else could have brought me back to facebook. Loved being away from the f-book, but alas I'm on until at least labor day.

The topic of the day: Why do people stay in jobs if they hate them?
I recently had to deal with renewing my OT license in the state of Alaska. Let me preface by saying, the application has, in bold letters, that it muse be postmarked by June 30th. Last time I looked at a calendar, it's not yet June 30. So I call this lady just to make sure I will be able to work next week on Wednesday (better late than never) and she cops an attitude with me. I pleasantly pointed out that the application states something about a postmark date and she snips, "well there's another part of the application on the first page that says to allow 3-4 weeks." I'm pretty sure you know how the rest of the conversation went (maybe). If not, I'll tell you now. I nicely said, "well can you post my license by the postmark date?" and she nastily replied, "Only if your application is complete and I won't know that until it comes across my desk." I said, "Well, it's in the mail today so it should be there by tomorrow..." She "politely" cuts me off by sneering, "not necessarily!" I finally just told the biotch that I lived in Anchorage and there is NO way it could take more than 2 days to get to Juneau (SAME STATE, duh!). Anyway, she proceeds to tell me I should take Monday and Tuesday off next week because she does not think she'll be able to get through the 30 applications she has waiting between Wednesday and Monday. PUH-LEASE B! I could probably process 30 applications in about 30 minutes, and I don't even do her job. Bottom line, you know when the busy time of year occurs for your job, mentally prepare for it and stop being such a C. U. Next Tuesday! I may have told other people I'm perfect, but I know FOR SURE I didn't tell her (so she shouldn't expect me to be).

Theme of the week: Apparently, time is not on my side when it comes to occupational therapy business and birds...THE DAMN BIRDS in the courtyard outside my apartment building. I think they are suffering from mania with all the sunlight. They NEVER shut their mouths...squeak squeak, squawk squawk, weeh weeh weeh.

Alright Chealsea is on and I must go to bed soon.