Monday, March 15, 2010

Taking a little tiger snooze

In an attempt to avoid doing homework for the next few minutes, I figured I would write a little bit about how I feel about snoozing. Especially since today was such a difficult day to get out of bed. Daylight savings didn't bother me yesterday, being that I forgot about it until I woke up thinking that I had slept in pretty late. Wrong. For some reason knowing that it was daylight savings all day yesterday made me tired today. So, I would definitely love to take a little tiger snooze right now. But that is not possible due to the copious amount of homework that I have to complete tonight.

Have you ever wondered why the snooze setting on alarms is pre-set? Some have it set for 5 minutes, some 10 minutes; my alarm is 9 minutes. Why 9 minutes? Why not 11 minutes? Personally, I think that one should be able to set their own snooze length. For instance, some days I may think that I will only need 5 minutes of snoozing the next day but other days I may need 20 minutes of snoozing. I mean, I set my alarm at night based upon how tired I am and how many snoozes I can get in before I actually have to get out of bed. This morning was 5 rounds of hitting snooze while most days I don't need much more than 1 snooze.

I think that whoever creates an alarm clock where the user can set the length of their own snooze will be a millionaire. Well, maybe not a millionaire...but people will think they are a genius AND I am totally cool with them taking credit for my idea. That's what Johnson & Johnson did with my idea to make different skin toned band-aids. I think that they took credit to avoid being sued by my litigious ass for being culturally insensitive. If you think about it, I could sue bra and underwear companies that make "nude" bras and underwear because, I'm sorry, but no matter what I do to my skin (unless I'm Michael Jackson) my nude will never be their nude. BUT this is a completely different topic in itself, so I will sign off and let you digest my deep insights into snooze setting.


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  1. dude- my alarm clock snooze is 7 min but my phone is 5...