Thursday, March 11, 2010

Country Grammar

So, it's been far too long since my last post. But, hopefully this one will not disappoint. I have many pet peeves, but I think one of the greatest is poor spelling and grammar.

Top Ten list of most disliked spelling and phrases (from bad to worst)
10. Mixing up their, there, and they're
9. Mixing up you're and your
8. Mixing up to, two, and too. Do people really not understand this concept? too: meaning as well or also. two: meaning 2, the number. to: meaning from point A to point B. (enough said)
7. Mixing up affect and effect
6. When the word cotton is misspelled not once, but twice by medical students in a mass email as "cotten."
5. "Black Talk" saying words like ask or escape and replacing the 's' sound with an 'x' sound
4. More "Black Talk" (aka-ebonics) replacing 'g' with an 'f' sound. Hello? Does this make any damn sense?
3. One more instance of ebonics...adding 's' onto the end of words that are not plural. For instance: moms, hecks yeah, hells yeah, etc.
2. When asking or answering a question, saying, "I was going to say..." Really? You weren't "going to say" because you are currently saying it right now. I have a couple of people in mind and they just bug the shit out of me.
1. Saying, "that's a whole nother story." I'm sorry, is "nother" a word? Yeah, I didn't think so. Instead, let's try saying "mmm...That is a completely different story," or, "That is another story."

I hear and see many of these examples since I am in school and work at a high school part time. I don't let it rile me up too much, but sometimes it just gets old. Especially when it is someone that you know has learned to speak properly (i.e. my wanna' be thug cousins).

Why do perfectly intelligent individuals choose to sound so ignorant? It is a mystery to me.


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