Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You spin my head right round, like a record baby

Yatzee! my head is spinning. So much going on in my head the past couple of weeks, really struggling.

Why is it that all of the best foods are shaped like penises? Popsicles, corn dogs, churros, burritos, hot dogs/brats, bananas. (Well, actually I don't really think any of these foods are the best foods. I just like this line from Superbad)

So today, I'm going to write about a submitted topic: Why don't fish eat/take calcium? Because their bones suck!

Fish bones do suck! They break really easily, very brittle. You would think that something that they eat in the water would make the bones stronger. On the other hand though...if they had thicker bones, they would be heavier and thus make swimming very taxing for their small frames. I think it would be pretty sweet to ride a fish under water. I mean how awesome would it be if you could hold on to a fish's tail and just by holding their tail you grow gills so that you can breathe under water and then they could take you on tours of underwater attractions. (run-on sentence that does not make any logical sense, check.) If that was the case though, the fishs' bones would need to be much stronger to carry around gigantar humans.

I'm going to be done for now...I'm not feeling this post and need to get my head in the right place before I write anything that could be half way amusing.


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